Check out the world’s top ten charming ice waterfalls

The waterfall is one of the most spectacular and shocking natural scenes on the earth. The majestic and thunderous momentum of the flying stream is shocking and sighing. In the winter, nature will also create another silent shock – the ice waterfall. Every cold winter, some waterfalls in the world form an ice waterfall because of icing, and they show a different kind of charm in “coolness”. Here are the top ten most famous ice waterfalls in the world:

Icelandic Gold Falls


Iceland’s Golden Falls is Iceland’s most popular tourist destination. However, during the winter when the Xiweita River was frozen, the Golden Falls also showed a different style.

In fact, the Golden Waterfall is a series of stepped waterfalls that were once considered for the development of hydropower, but fortunately, these plans were not realized, and the Golden Falls became a national nature reserve.

Hukou Waterfall, Galloway Hill, Scotland


The Daokou Waterfall is a layered stepped waterfall on the slopes of the Galloway Mountain in the Craigna region of southern Scotland. In warmer weather, the water rushes down from the mossy, sparsely populated hilltops, forming Scotland’s most bizarre and beautiful landscape, and finally splashes onto ancient rocks hundreds of feet down. However, in the cold winter, the Daokou Waterfall will become a crystal ice cloth.

In the winter, the Daokou Waterfall is one of the most difficult places to climb in the UK. After the rainy season, there will always be very serious frost in the area. However, if you can overcome the difficulties and finally reach the summit, you will be able to see the beauty.

Kitzputos Falls, Finland


Kizputos Falls is located in the most remote corner of northwestern Finland, close to the border of Finland, Sweden and Norway. Hikers can follow the railway line leading to the Mara Nature Reserve to the Kitzputos Falls. If you think it is too far away, it doesn’t matter, Finland in winter is a paradise for ice falls.

Winter travel enthusiasts naturally hope that the journey will increase the difficulty of the journey, so the initiators of them will first think of the Kizputos Waterfall, because this is the highest waterfall in Finland, and it is definitely worthwhile to see the spectacular scenery when it is frozen in winter.

Dow Waterfall, Japan


“Very spectacular, the icicles in front of us”, this sentence is used to describe the spectacular scene of the annual frozen time of the Dow Waterfall in Japan. Dow Falls is located in Iwate Prefecture, Japan. According to folklore, the longer the perimeter of the ice-cold icicle cross-section, the higher the rice production in the coming year. Therefore, although the tradition and practice of measuring ice falls dates back more than 700 years, it was not until 1975 that a local nature conservation organization began recording the results of the measurements. So far, the highest record of measurement results is 8 meters, and to get a bumper harvest in the coming year, it needs at least 4 meters.

Minnehaha Falls, Minnesota, USA


After the Minnehaha Creek flows through the city of Minneapolis, it merges into the upper reaches of the Mississippi River. However, just before it merged into the Mississippi River, there was a drop of more than 16 meters, forming the Minnehaha Falls. In the warm season, the Minnehaha Falls is very beautiful, and in the frozen season, it presents a different kind of beauty.

Behind the frozen Minnehaha Falls, there are many ice caves. According to relevant regulations, it is illegal to enter these ice caves. However, there are still many photographers or mountain climbers who do not know or ignore this ban, enter privately and bring many wonderful photographic pictures to people.

Ohio Old Man Cave


Above the Old Man Cave in Hogangang State Park, Ohio, a waterfall gradually freezes as it flows down, forming a spectacular ice waterfall.

The formation of this ice waterfall is gradual because the cold weather is not likely to cause the rapid water to freeze instantly. This way, the “ice tube” is formed, the inner diameter is gradually reduced, and finally all the water is condensed.

A huge ice shoot will grow taller from the ground and finally meet the ice tube above.

Zaozhuang Long bed reservoir dam, Shandong, China


Although wind, weather and temperature play an important role in the formation of ice falls, not all ice falls are naturally formed. The Longbo Reservoir Dam in Shandong Province, China is a masterpiece of man and nature.

Wolf Falls, Vail, Colorado, USA

The Spike Falls is located near the city of Vail, Colorado, USA. The ice falls will only form in the extremely cold winter, and global warming may make the ice waterfall landscape disappear.

The Spike Ice Falls is like a huge icicle, about 50 meters high and about 8 meters wide at the bottom. The Spike Ice Falls is also one of the climbers’ favorite climbing targets.

Niagara Falls, USA


Niagara Falls is one of the most famous waterfalls in the world. The Niagara River flows through the Niagara Escarpment, and the huge currents like the Milky Way dumping down the cliffs are magnificent and deafening. Most of the time, Niagara Falls is like this, but it also has a different moment of shock.

The cold winter will also freeze its water flow, forming an alternative shock. However, Niagara Falls has not been completely frozen since the 19th century.

Blue heaven


Ice falls sometimes turn blue. If you can enjoy the ice waterfall from the back of the ice cave, it will be the best viewing position.

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