A variety of cakes, there is always one that you like…

First, pumpkin steamed cake



Pumpkin 200g flour 40g, egg 2, sugar 45g


1. Cut the pumpkin into pieces and put it in the microwave. Then filter 200 grams

2. Add the white sugar to the oil-free water-free container and beat it to hard foaming.

3, pumpkin mud added two egg yolks

4. After mixing evenly, add the sieved flour, stir evenly and add protein.

5, use a scraper to form a uniform batter from the bottom up, pour into the bottom cake mold

6. Top the steamer, cover with plastic wrap and steam for about 38 minutes. After steaming, it will rise a little higher.

7. Take out the cake from the bottom of the cake.

Second, corn noodles



150 grams of corn flour, 50 grams of millet noodles, 200 grams of ordinary flour, 20 dried red dates, 20 grams of raisins, 40 grams of sugar, 5 grams of dry yeast, about 280ML of water


1. Wash the dried red dates and soak them in warm water for one hour.

2. Mix cornmeal, millet noodles, flour with white sugar and dry yeast

3, pour water, adjust into a thin and moderate batter

4. Apply a thin layer of oil (anti-stick) to the mold and put some raisins.

5, pour the batter into the mold half high, ferment in a warm place, about 40 minutes

6, wait for the batter to be sent to the mold 9 is full

7, put some red dates and raisins on the surface, steamed in a steamer for 35-40 minutes

Third, glutinous rice cake



500 grams of glutinous rice (Jiangmi), 250 grams of jujube filling, 100 grams of sugar, 500 grams of water


1. Wash the glutinous rice with clean water, put it into a small pot, add 500 grams of water, steam for about 40 minutes, and serve as glutinous rice.

2. Pour the steamed glutinous rice on a damp cloth, wrap it in cold water, repeatedly rub it, and make the rice muddy.

3, hand cold water 揪 揪 a piece of dough (about 1 / 30), squash, wrapped in the appropriate amount of jujube stuffing (see the jujube mud buns), close into a small round shape, put into a hot oil pan and fry until golden brown. Sprinkle sugar on the plate when eating.

Fourth, red jujube cake



50 grams of jujube (dry), 150 grams of low-gluten flour, 4 eggs, 5 grams of baking powder, 80 grams of salad oil, 3 grams of salt, 60 grams of milk, 120 grams of brown sugar, 30 grams of sugar


1, jujube soaked, go nuclear washing, cut into small Ding, soaked in milk, it is best to let the milk all infiltrate into the red dates

2, the eggs in the bucket, put brown sugar and white sugar, first dissolve the sugar in the middle, then quickly into a thick

3, slow down the speed for two or three minutes, the big bubble into a small bubble, add milk jujube and salad oil, slow and evenly

4, sift into the low-powder and baking powder, mix quickly and evenly, pour into the baking tray of the oil-coated paper, and gently smash out the big bubbles.

5, the oven preheated 170 degrees, the middle layer up and down the fire, baked for 35 minutes, after the cool to cut into pieces to eat, eat hot is also very good

Five, bean paste cake



Glutinous rice flour (150g) Rice flour (150g), clear water (110g) Bean paste (suitable amount)


1. Mix glutinous rice flour, rice flour and cotton white sugar evenly

2, add water in portions, stir evenly

3. Roll the powder into loose powder by hand.

4. The powder is sieved twice and sieved into a fine cake powder.

5. Take half of the cake powder and spread it into the mold.

6. Open the water pot and steam for 5-6 minutes to shape and take out. Spread the bean paste to the top

7. Cover the bean paste with the other half of the cake powder and gently flatten it to keep it soft. Steam for 25 minutes after the water is turned on. Take it out and let it cool.

Six, coconut milk snowflake cake



Coconut milk, milk, corn starch, sugar


1, corn starch with milk and coconut milk diluted, while heating the right amount of sugar, must be very hard to stir, otherwise corn starch is very easy to touch the pot

2, smash into a thick paste

3, pour into the mold to cool, and then receive the refrigerator freezer. The following is the semi-finished product that is poured out

4, cut into your favorite shape, then wrapped in coconut, is a beautiful finished coconut milk cake

7. Hong Kong-style marimade



Milk egg soaked in white sugar lard (slab oil)


1. Eggs at room temperature are broken into whole egg liquid (70g is about 2 small eggs)

2, add sugar, room temperature milk, melted lard, beaten with eggs (to all fused together, no oil and water separation)

3, add flour and baking powder, stir with egg to form a fine paste without dry powder particles

4, container wall smear

5. Pour the batter into the mold for about 8 minutes, and the batter for 15 minutes.

6, put the batter in the pot into the pot, start the time after the water is boiled, and the fire can be about 25 minutes. Out of the pot, you can flip off the mold and slice it.

Eight, pine nuts cake



1 kg of white glutinous rice, 1 kg of white sugar, 150 g of pine nuts, a small amount of sesame oil


1. Put the raw glutinous rice flour into a non-stick pan, stir fry with a minimum of fire until slightly yellowed, with aroma. During the period, stir fry, don’t be lazy, about 200g of flour should be fried for about 10 minutes. If pine nuts are raw, you need to cook them in a small fire (the smell is scented and there is a sizzling sound), and the cooked pine nuts are broken with a grinder (crush with a rolling pin)

2. Mix the fried glutinous rice flour and pine nuts, and rub it by hand until there is no granules. Put the sugar and equal water into the pot and heat it until the sugar is completely melted. If there are no particles, you can turn off the heat and let it cool.

3. Mix the syrup with pine nuts and glutinous rice flour, and mix the sesame oil together. Continue to rub evenly without granules. Then press the mixture into the container and press firmly. (Hand pressure, press with a flat spoon, the key is Use force, compaction, flattening) to open with a knife, the buckle is a piece of pine nuts cake

Nine, sweet-scented osmanthus 



80 grams of glutinous rice flour, 200 grams of sticky rice flour, 60 grams of white sugar, 140 grams of water


1. Put the glutinous rice flour, sticky rice flour, and white sugar into the pot, add the water and mix well, and turn the powder into a damp coarse powder with the palm of your hand.

2, put the powder on a damp cloth for half an hour, so that it is permeable to moisture; prepare the sieve and spoon, add powder and press in several times to help the powder sieve

3, the bottom of the mold is lined with oil paper or gauze, the cake powder is loosely laid flat, but do not press tight, cover a piece of wet gauze, steam on the pot for about 30 minutes, press the finger up without dry powder, you can turn it off and take it hot. Dried sweet-scented osmanthus flowers, can be eaten by removing the mold and cutting it.

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