The fragrant millet cake is very simple, collect it and do it!

A bowl of leftovers is often turned into fried rice, and the family sometimes complains about the monotony of taste. Today we have to change the taste of leftovers and add some seasonings to turn the leftovers into fragrant millet cakes.

Mushroom chicken rice ball



1. Prepare the ingredients, wash the chicken breasts, chop the mushrooms, cut into small pieces, and wash the celery to cut small pieces.

2. Cut the chicken breast, add a little cooking oil, and grab evenly;

3. Chopped chicken breast, shiitake mushroom, small celery and leftover rice, add pepper powder, pepper, sesame oil, salt and oyster sauce to mix evenly;

4. Mix the good rice, add the protein solution (yolk yolk for other use) and starch, and mix evenly in a clockwise direction;

5. Mix the rice well, knead it in a round shape, and put the right amount of oil in the pan;

6. After the oil is hot, put in the kneaded rice cake, medium heat, fry until golden, turn over the other side until golden to the pan.


1. When kneading rice cakes, it is best to wear disposable gloves. If you do not have disposable gloves, you can apply proper amount of cooking oil on your hands to avoid sticking hands;

2, when adding egg liquid, as long as the protein, do not egg yolk, adding protein can make rice easier to hug;

3, the rice needed to make this rice cake, the best soft and hard.

Crispy rice cake



1. Mix the rice with a little salt water and squeeze it out with a heart-shaped mold.

2. Beat the egg and add salt and a little black pepper.

3. Evenly spread the egg liquid on the surface of the rice and stain it with black sesame seeds.

4. The oil pan is fried, pay attention to the oil! If you don’t have a deep-fried milk pan, you can also use a non-stick pan. It’s just a little time-consuming.

5. Boil until golden to drain the pot


If you have the heart, you can put a little salt when cooking rice! You can also add vegetables such as peas and carrots when cooking rice, and the taste will be more OK! It is also a good choice for snacks at the banquet:)

Garlic Pumpkin Rice Cake



1. The pumpkin is steamed, the garlic is chopped, ready to use, and other ingredients are prepared and accurately weighed;

2. Press the pumpkin into a mud, add cooked rice, butter, and mix well;

3. Add egg liquid and flour, minced garlic, salt and black pepper powder, and put on disposable gloves to catch and evenly;

4. 搓 into a spherical ball of uniform size, placed on a baking sheet; pressed into a pancake shape;

5. Preheat the oven, temperature 200 degrees, time 15 minutes, put into the baking tray.


1. This is an alternative to leftover rice, adding garlic and pumpkin to make it unique.

2, the practice is zero difficulty, even simpler than fried rice;

3, the mixed ingredients are very sticky, so it is best to bring disposable gloves to operate;

4, the same approach, in addition to roasting can also choose to fry, but the way to roast is healthier.

Black rice cake


Ingredients: black glutinous rice 250g, white sugar 50g, whipped cream 20g, glutinous rice flour 100g


1. Soak the black rice for more than 1 hour in advance, and drain the rice cooker with water to cook until cooked.

2. Pour the sugar into the mix, add the whipped cream, glutinous rice flour and mix well, and make a black rice dough.

3. Take an appropriate amount of black rice balls in a love omelet mold, and put a fresh-keeping bag on the hands to flatten the black rice dough and then remove the film.

4. Put a little oil in the pan and fry until cooked on both sides.

Sugar cube cake


Ingredients: rice, sugar, pecan, black, white sesame, red dates, raisins


1. Spread the rice on the chopping board covered with plastic wrap and press it into squares to make a square mold.

2. Sprinkle with a layer of sugar, walnuts, black and white sesame seeds, red dates and raisins.

3. Press another layer of rice and sprinkle with a layer of black and white sesame seeds and granulated sugar. Cut into small cubes with a knife and it is convenient to eat.

Glutinous rice fried cake


Ingredients: rice, glutinous rice, bacon, mushrooms, peas, corn, chicken skeleton, salt, sugar


1. Add water to the pot without the chicken skeleton, add a few slices of ginger, and heat the steamer for 1 hour, then filter out the chicken skeleton.

2. Cut the bacon into a diced shape; cut the mushrooms into diced after soaking in the sesame seeds; thaw the frozen peas and corn.

3. Rice and glutinous rice (1:1), mushrooms, peas and corn are added to the chicken skeleton soup and steamed, seasoned with salt sugar, and taken out into a cake.

4. Cut into pieces and put them into a pot to fry them. When the surface is golden, you can remove the oil.

Meat pancakes


Ingredients: 1 bowl of rice, 1 bowl of meat, oil


1. Brush some water on the gloves, grab a small piece of rice and pinch it a few times to make the rice firm and then flatten it a little.

2. Put some spicy pork on top and knead the rice balls into a cake.

3. Heat the oil in the pan and drain into the small cake. Stir in medium and small heat until golden on both sides.

Nut rice cake


Ingredients: 300 grams of leftover rice, 5 ml of olive oil, 1 gram of starch, 5 grams of black sesame seeds, 2 grams of salt, 30 grams of walnuts


1. Leave the rice in the tray overnight, spray a little cold water on the surface, put it in a microwave for 2 minutes, and take it out.

2. Add starch and olive oil and mix well.

3. Crush the black sesame seeds and walnuts with a rolling pin, pour it into the rice together with the salt and baking powder, and mix it until there is no dry powder.

4. Put the mixed rice on a plastic wrap, pick up the four corners of the wrap and woke up for 30 minutes.

5. Push the wrap on the rice and cover it with a layer of plastic wrap. Use a rolling pin to form a thin sheet. The mold is pressed and placed in a microwave oven for 3 minutes. Remove, turn over, and rub for 2 minutes.

Yellow rice cake


Ingredients: Jiangmi 180g, yellow rice 60g, red dates 25g, raisin 10g, gourd 40g, white sugar 15g, glutinous rice flour, water 1L, flour 20g, sugar amount, yogurt 50g


1. Mix the flour and water evenly. Add a proper amount of sugar after boiling, and taste slightly sweet.

2. After the noodle soup is cooled, stir it while adding yogurt to make syrup water;

3. Dip the glutinous rice and yellow rice into the physalis, and ferment at room temperature (above 20 degrees) for more than 24 hours; the red dates are denucleated, and the raisins are soaked with water.

4. Add enough water to the pot, boil it and put it into the cleaned rice. After rolling it again, pour out the excess rice soup, add the sugar, stir it until the rice is cooked and strong, soft. The hardness is suitable, add the lid for 3-5 minutes.

4. Put a layer of plastic wrap in the container, spread the mimi rice evenly in the prepared container, sprinkle with soft jujube and raisins, and gently flatten.

5. Another pot of boiling water, after the water is opened, put in the clean yellow rice, stir while stirring, roll out the rice soup, add steamed gourd mud.

6. The glutinous rice flour is boiled in water, stir well, pour into the yellow rice pot, and continue to stir for 15 minutes until the hardness is suitable. Add the lid for 3-5 minutes.

7. Spread the glutinous yellow rice evenly on the river rice, smooth it, brush it or cover it with a container lid to moisturize it.

Milky rice cake


Ingredients: 1 bowl of rice, 5 pieces of garlic, salt, 1 large chunk of ginger, 1 small piece of butter


1. Wash the garlic and cut the small Ding; remove the ginger and peel it.

2. Pour the remaining rice into a large container and pour in ginger, garlic, and 1 tablespoon of salt. Stir well.

3. Take a plastic wrap on the cutting board, pour the rice on top, and then cover with a layer of plastic wrap. Use a rolling pin to compact and flatten the rice. Take a small round cup and damp the cup. Press on the rice.

4. Move the cup that has been pressed out of the round rice cake onto the plate and gently tap the cup. The rice cake is easily released.

5. Heat the pan, add the butter, melt it, and cook the rice pan. Slowly fry until golden brown on both sides.

Rice burger


Ingredients: pork stuffing, onion, ginger, eggs, bread crumbs, water, salt, sugar, white pepper

Burger combination: Thai sweet chili sauce, lettuce, black sesame, rice


1. Pork stuffing with green onion, ginger and minced meat, put into a bowl, add an egg, add white pepper, salt, add appropriate amount of water in portions, use chopsticks to slap in one direction, put the right amount Bread crumbs.

2. Heat the pan, pour a little oil, put the mold into it, fill in the meat, press it with a spoon back, simmer on a small fire, and slowly fry.

3. Cover the plastic wrap in the burger mold, put the rice into it, compact it with a spoon back, and pull it out, which is a rice burger embryo.

4. Put a rice burger embryo on the bottom of the plate, put lettuce and pork cake on top, squeeze the Thai sweet chili sauce, and make another rice burger embryo, cover it.

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