Pancakeman? Check out those delicious pancakes

Lead: Pancake is a traditional dish in China. It has been loved by many people. Since ancient times, there have been many delicious pancakes. Today, Xiaobian takes you to stock some delicious pancakes. There is such a legend that it is said to have eaten a certain amount. You will have a big chance to turn into a “pancake man”.

1, potato egg pancakes

The perfect combination of potatoes and eggs, combined with the skillful pancake technology, a delicious potato and egg pancakes are perfectly out of the pan. The perfect blend of potatoes and eggs is a pancake world.


2, green onion cake

Sprinkle some chopped green on the cake and then fry the pan. It’s delicious. The green onion cake is the favorite food of the big northeastern people, but after being popular, many places of green onion cake are also very popular.


3, hand cake

The hand-picked cake is a dish from Taiwan, which is freshly baked. The hand-picked cake is freshly baked. It is layered like a thin paper. It is scratched by hand and has thousands of faces. The outer layer is golden and crisp, and the inner layer is soft and tender. A scent of scallions and gluten scented, so that everyone could not wait, grab and eat.


4, pancakes

Pancakes are simple pancakes. Although the practice is simple, each process is very delicate. The pancakes can be eaten as a staple food, a pancake, a side dish, and heaven and earth.


5, ghee cake

The butter cake is also known as Wushan butter cake, the surface is golden yellow, a good butter cake is crispy and tender, and the mouth is full of sesame oil, which makes people forget to return.


6. Pancake Fruit

“Pharmaceuticals, Cheek, pancakes, and a set of pancakes.” The pancake fruit that is played by the people of the whole country can not only be seen as entertainment, but the pancake fruit is a fighter in all pancakes in terms of color and taste. There is a chance that everyone must try it.


7, sauce cake

I believe that every school entrance will have a sauce cake stall, prepared sauce and then sprinkle on the cake, wow! That is extremely delicious.


8, egg filling cake

Fill the egg mixture into a half-cooked cake, continue to fry and bake. The crust is crispy and delicious. Egg filling cake is also a kind of breakfast. There are eggs and noodles. The vegetables are nutritious and convenient. They are very popular. I remember when I was in college, I had an egg filling cake every morning!


These pancakes, which ones have you not eaten yet? As a foodie, Xiaobian is also a “pancake man”. Haha!

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