5 Scrumptious Snacks to Binge on While You Binge-Watch TV

Sure, you can just throw together some Chex mix, but you can also do way better than that.BY TAMARA PALMER

Whether you’re getting ready for the Top Chef Season 13 premiere or just need something fabulous to pair with your homemade Pumptini while binging on the latest Vanderpump Rules antics, these homemade (and easy!) snacks will turn your time in front of the screen into a full-on sensory feast.

1Boozy Chocolate Coffee Pudding

The next time you’re watching Vanderpump Rules and wishing your perch on the sofa felt half as fabulous as sidling up to the bar at Sur, ramp up the glam factor with this boozy dessert. With just 10 minutes and a microwave, you can be diving into this super-sumptuous chocolate coffee pudding spiked with Bailey’s Irish Cream, thanks to this genius recipe from Curry Trail.

2Hot Chocolate Cookies

These outrageous treats from Averie Cooks would make the perfect foil for the new season of Work Out New York. Go ahead, feel the burn as your eyeballs work off the decadence of the flowing dark chocolate and melty marshmallows in these cookies.

3Microwave Potato Chips

This classic microwave-chips recipe from Savory Sweet Life will allow you to scarf all the potato chips you want to—and hey, make more if you need to—all without bothering with hot oil or a deep fryer. Since you can’t actually eat any of the dishes you’re ogling on Top Chef, might as well make up for it with a salty, fatty little treat.

4The Ultimate Bliss Bowls

Need a more virtuous snack in your life? These luscious (but healthy!) bowls from Pinch of Yum are packed with veggies and falafel—just the fuel you need in order to knock out a whole season of something naughty, like Narcos.

5Stovetop Lard Popcorn

Maybe you don’t keep lard in your kitchen? Time to stock up: It’s the perfect fat to use to cook insanely addictive popcorn on your stovetop, as Cucumbers and Limes discovers in this recipe—which also has you drizzle your popcorn with lime and hot sauce. Yum. Just right for a night of Netflix and chilling with Aziz Ansari on his new show, Master of None

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