What kind of hairstyle does the girl have in winter, good looking and wild?

Many people in winter have a feeling of being lazy. They don’t want to get up in the morning, and they usually lazy to get out. It’s not like wasting too much time on the hairstyle. Next, introduce a wild hair style suitable for winter. When winter arrives, we will have thicker clothes every day, so we must match some small and fresh hairstyles to make us more temperamental and cute. So what hairstyles are good and versatile in winter?

The most popular hairstyle in 2017 is short hair, and there is no shortage of short hair in this winter. Short hair like this is very suitable for winter stay, the inner buckle design + air bangs is very sweet and pleasant, with a fur hat is quite cute.

In the winter, you must have a medium long curly hair! The fluffy and micro-volume design of the medium-length hair is particularly temperament, and it seems to have a lazy temperament, which is very suitable for winter.

Everyone must have thought that the low-ball head will become the popular hairstyle for the winter of 2017. It is so simple to make a low-cut ball, it is quite temperament, elegant and light.

The girl who has long hair can try this hairstyle, and the long hair will be burned out of the micro-curve, giving a lazy temperament, dyeing a warm brown horse and showing the fashion, and brightening the entire skin.

The second element of Liu Hai has once again set a new height in recent fashion trends. It was previously considered to be very earthy. Now it is favored by the influx of people. It is like this short hair of the second element. The eyebrow bangs + pink straight hair, full of personality and not lost. Super Fan, special style of women.

Short curly hair is also a must-have for girls. Qi Liu, who is longer than the eyebrows, can modify the face to highlight a pair of watery eyes, plus the inner curved short curly hair is cute and cute, which is very suitable for this winter choice.

The shoulders that have just reached the shoulders are also popular this winter. Even simple straight hairs are very fluffy and textured. They will lick their hair to the back of the ear, and the face will be gentle and temperament.

Mid-length hair is also very popular in the winter, with an air bangs will make you instantly fresh and sweet, but also enhance the girly feeling for you! Whether it’s a shawl or a ponytail like this, it will be super beautiful.

1. Appropriate gloves should be worn during dyeing. At the same time, hair dye should be avoided to contact the scalp and facial skin. If the product accidentally flows into the eyes, rinse immediately with water.

2. Hair dye should not be used to dye eyebrows or eyelashes.

3, before the official dyeing, you should first apply a layer of refreshing lotion on the scalp, this can avoid the hair cream directly contact the scalp, keep the scalp in a fresh and healthy state, and it is easier to clean thoroughly when cleaning.

4, dyeing hair at room temperature of 18 ° C -25 ° C, the color is faster and more obvious. Do not dye your hair while bathing. The water vapor will dilute the color of the dye, and do not use a hot towel or a hair dryer to heat the hair dye.

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