The most beautiful grassland allows you to enjoy the most wonderful horses

Summer comes, it is the season of grassland grass and water, the endless green, the cattle and flocks have become the embellishment of this world, want to embrace the grassland? Want to enjoy the feeling of horse racing? Then don’t hesitate to act quickly! The four major grasslands in the world are Hulunbeier Grassland, Nalati Grassland, Pampas Grassland, and Xilin Gol Grassland. The remaining three Hulun Buir Grasslands, Nalati Grassland and Xilin Gol Grassland are located in China except for the Pampas Grassland. So, the little friends have the convenience of “getting the moon near the water tower”!

Hulunbuir grassland

Located in the west of Daxing’anling, Hulunbeier Grassland is the best preserved grassland in China. It is rich in water and grass and is known as the “grazing kingdom”. The total area of ​​the Hulun Buir grassland is about 100,000 square kilometers, and the natural grassland area accounts for 80%. The area is vast, more than 3,000 criss-crossing rivers, and more than 500 dotted lakes extend to the Daxinganling, where the pines are stirring. Hulunbeier Prairie is also a green pure land without any pollution. The production of meat, milk, skin, hair and other livestock products is favored by domestic and foreign consumers, and even the forage is exported to Japan and other countries.


Nalati grassland

The Nalati Grassland is located in the eastern part of Xinyuan Nalati Town, Xinyuan County, Yili Prefecture, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, China. It is a mid-mountain grassland developed on the Tertiary ancient alluvial deposit. The Nalati grassland is mainly a sub-alpine meadow. It consists of lush and beautiful middle-aged weeds and grasses. After June, large groups of livestock are transferred into the golden season of the grasslands. This is held. The Nalati grassland valley, mountain peaks, deep gorges and forests complement each other, and the locals can also experience the Kazakh folk customs.



The Pampas steppe is located in the southern part of South America. The subtropical savannah in central and eastern Argentina is located in the southern part of the La Plata plain, including Uruguay, eastern Argentina, and southern Brazil. Most of the land in the Pampas grassland has been reclaimed as farmland and pasture. The fields are rich in wheat, corn and other foods. The grassland with abundant pastures is full of white, yellow, black and flower-colored cattle. The Pampas grassland is the main producing area of ​​Argentina’s agriculture and animal husbandry, and it is also the granary of South America.


Xilin Gol Grassland

Xilin Gol Grassland is located in the Xilin Gol League of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, with an area of ​​1,078,600 hectares. It is known as “the most beautiful paradise grassland with the most national characteristics”. The prairie scenery is preserved intact. It is the only region that gathers nine types of grasslands in Inner Mongolia. It is also the most magnificent and magnificent part of the grasslands in northern China. It is known as the “paradise grassland”. Here, the green grass is like the sea, the herd is like a cloud, the felt is like a buckle, and the meander is silver, which is amazing!


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