The sound of the desert, it is like a love.

It is said that in the Dunhuang desert of Gansu Province, due to the wind and the vibration, the sand grains rotate in the airflow, and there will be buzzing sounds. The local Kazakh people call it “Ayi Aimumu”, which means “the desert with sound.” Mingsha Mountain has been formed for more than 3,000 years, and the record of Mingsha has been in existence for a long time. “Sin’s Three Qins” in the Eastern Han Dynasty: “There are Shajiaoshan in Hexi, and the peaks are dangerous. More than Shishan, its sand is thick and yellow, like dryness.” Shajiao Mountain is Dunhuang Mingsha Mountain.

On June 22, 2019, I came to Mingsha Mountain, saw the surging sand, felt the miracle of the desert, and heard the sound of the desert~

The Mingsha Mountain is soft like silk.

A sand ridge, corrugated strips, and distinct layers of light and dark.

We traveled by camel and walked down the mountain with the word “zhi”.

There is no road in Shashan, only a line, the footprints of the camels.

There is no one on the hillside, leaving me with a clear footprint. Maybe tomorrow morning, the footprints will disappear into the wind.

There is a lot of money on the top of the mountain, as if feeling, how big you are walking, how big your world is.

In the desert, under the sun, you can brighten and brighten your heart.

On the hunchback, you can take a little slower pace, follow the nature, and wear the time.

I just want to stick to the insistence, give up the renunciation, live enthusiasm and live well, and wait for life.

Someone asked me before coming, what is good in the desert is a sand dune.

For me, as long as there is light in the eyes, the eyes are all beautiful, if there is no flower in the heart, it seems that the flowers are not as bad as the absurd.

Is it a long time? I hope that I will not forget my heart and take my smile to face all the unexpected encounters in my life.

Standing on the top of the mountain, in the basin below the mountain, a huge moon is in front of you, and that is the Crescent Moon Spring.

It is hard to imagine that there will be a round of Bay Lake water in the extremely poor waters of the Gobi.

There are lush reeds on the south bank of Crescent Moon Spring, surrounded by quicksand. Although strong winds are encountered, the springs are not covered by sand.

In the quicksand, the spring is not exhausted, the wind does not fall, and the attachment is not, it is like love.

The best trip in life,

Is in a strange place,

Found a long-lost feeling!

I seem to hear the sound of the desert.

Say, hey, can you talk?

The kind of life

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