Red Xinjiang Tour (3) ____ Bianbu County Xiaomin County (Nongjiu Division 161)

Asked 1000 Chinese people, maybe 999 do not know Yumin County, talking about the Baluch Mountain, perhaps no one knows. However, the military song “Little Poplar”, which has been sung for more than 20 years in the land of China, is almost familiar to every Chinese. The small white poplar post that stands tall on the Baluch Mountain in the Sino-Kazakh border is the birthplace of this song.

The northern slopes of the Baluk Mountains are characterized by undulating hills, abundant precipitation, and shrub and grassland vegetation. They are excellent summer pastures. The slope of the low mountain belt is gentle, the wide valley and the hilly mountain are undulating, the soil is soft and fertile, the precipitation is rich, the vegetation is lush, and it is a mountain grassland landscape. The Baluch Mountain is meaning “rich, rich, and omnipotent”. It is located in Yumin County and Toli County in the Tacheng area. On the north side of the Alashankou, it is a relatively independent mountain range. At the western end of the mountain range is China. The dividing line with Kazakhstan. Geographically, the Baluch Mountains are between the Tianshan Mountains and the Altai Mountains. They are characterized by two mountains, including grasslands, snow-capped mountains, pine forests, river valleys, and even condensed almost all the most beautiful mountain landscapes in Xinjiang. Due to its location on the border and late development, many places maintain a near-complete original appearance, with views of mountains, canyons, forests, meadows and lakes. In Xinjiang, compared to it, there may be only Kanas.

Square dance

I always thought that grazing was riding a horse, and now I know that I have changed to riding a motorcycle.

The crops planted by the Corps are boundless.

Planted safflower (refined safflower oil)

Herders are cutting wool

Wheat, safflower, and glutinous rice are the main economic crops of the main corps, a piece of wheat!


Warm family

May is the flower season, we went a little late.

Sidewalk variety of apple trees

Saiwai Jiangnan

Yumin County

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