The world’s top ten best place to marry, the World Trade Day rankings

It is immediately after the annual Tanabata, Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day, and this season is also the season for many couples to choose to enter the marriage hall, because this golden autumn season is the season of harvesting fruit, and of course the season of harvesting love. However, if you want to get married, then the steps to propose marriage are indispensable. If you want to ask for a successful marriage, you have to choose a perfect place to marry. Many people think that when they are going out, they are the most romantic, so today’s butterfly. Baixiu Xiaobian will introduce some tourist attractions suitable for marriage to the small partners. Those who want to ask for marriage need to pay attention!

Lavender field in southern France

Every year from June to July, the von Dushan in the south of France and the lavender in Provence are all in full bloom, strolling in the sea of ​​innocent flowers, lovingly saying the vows and promises of love to the other half of your beloved, and deciding how wonderful it will be to live together. Romantic! However, due to limited time spent on the flowering season, it is a good time to choose this location!


Beijing World Trade Center, China

There is Asia’s largest screen, and the audio and video conditions are unique. If you want to choose the big screen proposal, it will definitely be a good choice. Imagine how moving it is to get out of the screen and switch the confession from screen to reality. The best part is that there are so many people around, they will cheer for you and bring you courage.


Atlanta Georgia Aquarium

Located in the United States, the Atlanta Aquarium of Atlanta is the world’s largest aquarium. In this underwater world, you can hire a professional diver to take you to the bottom of the water, avoid sharks and come to your partner to express your deep love. Of course, if you want to be more romantic, you can also ask the diver to help you with some simple actions to help you!


Langley Island, Maldives

Located on a small island in the Indian Ocean, you can book a room here, then take your partner to the underwater restaurant, which is located six feet below the water, while enjoying a fine dinner while admiring the beautiful corals and small fish on the sea floor, then here. In a relaxed and romantic atmosphere, I express the beautiful promise of “holding the hand and the old man”.

Santorini church

Santorini is a bright pearl of the Aegean Sea. It has the most beautiful sunsets, the bluest waters, many white houses, blue and white intertwined with dreamlike shrines. Here is Plato’s free land, where you can confess and express your most sincere love.


Kenyan Masai Mara Prairie

Fly on a hot air balloon 500 meters high, look at the endless African savannah, swarms of wild animals running at your feet, and the rising sun in the distance, then you promise your partner a lifetime The vast expanse of the sky and the earth together witness your love, this will be an unforgettable scene of your life.


Niagara Falls, Canada

It is said that the waterfall is a miracle of nature. Take your partner to witness the miracle of nature – Niagara Falls, Canada. When you are sitting on a water-resistant hovercraft near the waterfall, you are shouting out in the rumble of the water. Love for her, give her a lifetime of commitment.


Monaco Sahara Desert

Golden desert, wide and vast, maybe you will feel that the marriage proposal in the desert is too unusual, but the desert that is innocent is your best setting, the infinite desert brings you visual super shock, and this When you propose your marriage, your promise of life will bring a super shock to your partner.


Prague Castle

The world’s largest castle, ancient architecture, symbolizes love for a long time, here to experience the mysterious classical atmosphere, through time and history dialogue, let the old castle come to witness the most romantic marriage confession, let the ancient castle bring you Long-lasting blessings, let the old castle lead you to join hands.

New York Empire State Building

In many movies, there are scenes where the actor plays a romantic confession in the tallest building in New York. Of course, this is also the wish of many girls. If you want to give your partner an unforgettable marriage proposal, you can come to the Empire State Building and prepare for a careful The marriage proposal, I believe that you will be very moved.


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