Xinjiang is a good place for thirty-four: Tashkurgan

Tashkurgan County on the Pamirs is located in the majestic Kunlun Mountains, surrounded by mountains and peaks. In winter, it is snow-capped and covered with white snow. In October, Tashkurgan is a season of late autumn, and the grasses of Tashkur are red and colorful. In the spring of Tashkurgan, the apricot blossoms in the mountains opened, and the grass began to turn green, to the season of red flowers and green grass.

In 2004, I first came to Tashkurgan County. At that time, the road was steep and the country roads in the mountains were in disrepair and the traffic was inconvenient. The roadside ditch is deep, and sometimes it is driven from a narrow road cut between the stone walls.

In the 100,000 mountains, most of the farmers living along the banks of the Tashkur River are single-family single-family.

Here, under the mountainous roads with different heights and different shapes, people have opened up a small area of ​​land from the rock, and the crops are basically self-sufficient.

The villagers living here planted apricot trees in front of the house. The courtyards and stone houses made of stone are hidden in the woods.

People who have lived in the mountains for generations rarely walk out of the mountains, how pure these lovely children are.

They don’t communicate much with the outside world, their lives are simple, they are kind, they are far away from the dust, in this Kunlun Mountain, they share the bright sunshine, the fresh air, the blue sky and white clouds, the green grass and the clear water, they live full and satisfy, live to life. Full of hope.

In the mountains surrounded by mountains, there is no pollution, away from the city’s feasting, and still maintain the original ecological environment. Photo taken in 2006

On the way to school – taken in 2006

Rest – taken in 2007

Cute little child – 2005 in Kuksik

Playing on the roof – taken in 2006

Catch the donkey up the mountain – taken in 2007

Returning firewood fire – taken in 2005

A small couple on a four-wheeled tow machine – taken in 2007

Almonds – Photo taken in 2006

Mother and son

Embroidered girl – taken in 2004

Veneer ceremony – taken in 2004

go to school

Tajik girl – taken in 2007

Lifting water – taken in 2004

Kunlun people – taken in 2007

Someone in the Xinglin forest – taken in 2004

Call of the distant mountains

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