Ten super romantic places in the world, giving you a heart-warming heart!

The more extreme double challenge – New Zealand


Fourteen holiday estates in New Zealand are among the “small and beautiful hotel world rankings”. In addition, there are many other high-quality accommodations available throughout New Zealand. Because New Zealand is located on the Pacific Rim, there are geothermal hot springs everywhere.


Rotorua is known for its geysers and boiling mud ponds and is New Zealand’s most famous spa town.


TOP9: Taste the variety of love – Switzerland


As we all know, Swiss chocolate is the world’s top chocolate producing area, the world’s largest producer of chocolate, and now all the chocolate making methods are invented in Switzerland. Spiritual research experts believe that when a pair of men and women fall in love, their brains are covered by a substance called phenethylamine, which produces good emotions; chocolate happens to contain this substance, so it can motivate people. Create a romantic feeling.


Because chocolate can raise the level of a chemical called “celotonin” in the brain. It can give people a sense of tranquility and better ability to cope with stress, and relieve stress.

TOP8: The responsibility of love is so simple – Ireland

Valentine’s Day originated in Ireland, in order to commemorate St. Valentine’s (St.Valentine), who dared to fight against the tyrant for happiness, the February 14th was designated St. Valentine’s Day, which is now Valentine’s Day. Valentine is buried in the Carmelite Church in Dublin, Ireland.


Even the sweetest honeymoon of a lifetime has its origins in beautiful Ireland. According to legend, the island of Ireland has been home to the Celtic tribe since ancient times. There is a national custom, a wedding night for men and women, and a wine-giving ceremony is held by the leaders of the tribe. The wine is made from honey as the main raw material. Because the bees are hardworking and united, they are used to symbolize the characteristics of the nation; while the honey is sweet and sweet, it also symbolizes the happy life of newly married men and women in the future. After the wedding night, after drinking the honey wine given by the elders, you should continue to drink a drink made of honey and continue to drink for 30 days. This happens to be a month, “honey moon” The word is created like this. Ireland has also been hailed as the most romantic place in the world and has become one of the first choices for the honeymoon.

TOP7: Intimate Dating on the Swan Seaside – Swansea, Wales


Wales, located in the west of England, is the home of Longhe Mountain. The mountains, the blue sky and the blue sky, the picturesque place, is also the first place in the UK to be called “a wonderful place” and the lowest consumption level in the country.

TOP6: Happiness met by the corner – Siena, Italy


Siena is located in the southern Tuscany region, about 50 km south of Florence. Its old town is winding and winding. The quiet atmosphere contains the atmosphere of art and the taste of life. Every corner is a style. The shops hidden in every corner are fun and romantic, the hotels are small, but they are all like museums. Pushing open the wooden window is the fresh air after the rain, and the beautiful scenery. The Joy Fountain was built in 1081 with an animal-shaped gutter on the top. The fountain is made up of three sturdy Gothic arcades. Lovers like to come here to make a vow of love.


TOP5: Let us go hand in hand – Tibet


Tibet has both a unique plateau snowy scenery and a charming southern country style, and the human landscape blended with this nature also makes Tibet a truly unique charm in the eyes of travelers. The mysterious religious culture also makes Tibet look so sacred and heavy. However, the Sichuan-Tibet line has always been an important passage for pilgrimage to Tibet. People have gone through it in various ways. Despite all the hardships, there are still people who are constantly challenged, so that the Sichuan-Tibet line has been heard. The name of the road. Someone once said that “travel makes love”, this sentence is well reflected in the Sichuan-Tibet line. Mutual care and care, mutual trust and dependence have already transcended love itself. In the holy land of the soul, experiencing all kinds of sufferings is the greatest challenge to the relationship and the driving force of the greatest feelings.

TOP4: Put each other in the “heart” – Tavarua, Fiji


There are countless islands in Fiji, but there are such romantic islands that are really unique. This small island looks like a perfect “heart” on the google map. In fact, the heart-shaped island is not just this one, there is the island of Galesnjak in Croatia and the coral reef island in Australia, but the island owner of Galesnjak said that there is nothing on the island. After the arrival of the tourists, they can only do their own food and clothing, and the heart-shaped island of Australia also There is no such thing as a mature tourist service industry and surfing resort in Tavalua.

TOP3: The most romantic sailing diary – Dani Island, Maldives


Doney Island is short for DhoniMighili and is the most expensive and romantic island in the Maldives. Adhering to the philosophy of A very privateaffair, Whenever and Wherever. Every year around Valentine’s Day, it is the Southern Cross and the Milky Way that China calls the Maldives. Lovers can lie on the deck and look at the night sky. Dirty on DhoniMighili, take a boat to the adjacent Rangali Island. At the bottom of the island, five meters deep is the newly built underwater restaurant Ithaa. The restaurant has only six tables, which is exactly the same as the number of beach houses in DhoniMighili. Although dining here is expensive, but it is Valentine’s Day, eating is the atmosphere, the atmosphere, and a constant promise.

TOP2: Love in the fragrance of flowers – southern France


The southern part of France is an extremely romantic area, with the flower sea of ​​Provence, the perfume factory of Grasse, and the large vineyards. The life of Provence is simple and noble, bringing you feelings of heartlessness for a long time. Come here to slow down the rhythm, take a sip of the scent of the scent, and taste the delicious cheese. It is also a rare romance and coziness in life.

TOP1: The maker of love – Tahiti Bora Bora


In the world’s islands, I am afraid that no one can be as amazing as the island of Bora Bora in Tahiti! The island consists of a main island and surrounding atolls. There is a large clear water between the main island and the atoll. Among them, the dreamy blue lagoon is full of colorful live corals and countless tropical fish. The beach on the shore is meticulous, white and snowy, with occasional equator breeze, bright sunlight on the South Pacific, different levels of sea blue and white umbrellas of top resorts. Such a place seems to be able to accommodate all the troubles and unhappiness, facing the vast sea, the transparent underwater world… here will be a new birth of love.

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