What can’t women eat during their physiological period?

What can’t be eaten during the physiological period?

1, cool fruit

Many girls like to hold a frozen big watermelon in summer. This is a taboo in the physiological period. The watermelon is cool, and the frozen watermelon is more cool. Although it can make girls greedy, the side effects in the future. Can not be underestimated. There are also pears, oranges, grapefruits and other cold fruits, it is recommended to eat after the menstrual period.

2, ice cream / cold drink

During this period, even if you want to eat ice cream and cold drinks, you should bear it, because cold foods such as ice cream or cold drinks can easily lead to the body during menstruation, which will eventually cause poor menstrual blood and cause dysmenorrhea!

3, spicy food

Too spicy food, easy to stimulate the body’s level, so that the body’s blood flow too fast, stimulate the endometrium, these are easy to cause dysmenorrhea, which is why many girls in the physiological period after eating spicy food is easy to dysmenorrhea.

4, seafood products

For many female friends who are not eating seafood for a long time, don’t eat seafood easily during this time. If the body is poor and the resistance is poor, it is easy to have some discomfort at this time. The suggestion is that it can be moderately taboo. It is for some raw seafood.

5, acidic fruits and vegetables

Excessively acidic fruits and vegetables, which contain some of the effects of stopping bleeding, so as to avoid eating too much during the menstrual period, avoiding the excessive circulation of acidic fruits, causing poor circulation of menstrual blood, causing dysmenorrhea, such as sour plum, immature sour fruit, Try not to eat fruits and vegetables.

Precautions during the physiological period

1. Try not to wash your hair during the physiological period. Wash your hair and dry it immediately. During the physiological period, you can wash your hair at noon.

2. Keep warm during the physiological period. That is to say, less air-cooling, cold air is on, and more clothes should be worn in the air-conditioned room.

3, avoid drinking cold drinks. This is already a very basic common sense. Don’t break it. Don’t make fun of your own beauty. Drinking ice water will make the blood can not be discharged smoothly. It is absolutely harmful to the body.

4. Eat some sweets. Eat chocolate and cake during the physiology period, because eating a little sweet food during the physiological period can help the blood metabolism.

5. Refused to fatigue. It is important to have a good rest. Too much work can lead to prolonged menstruation or excessive blood loss.

6. Don’t be too emotional. It is said that girls naturally have a bad mood during the physiological period, but don’t let themselves indulge in temper, because temper tantrum will disturb the menstrual period and hurt the liver.

7, can choose appropriate Chinese medicine preparations or medicated diet.

What fruit is good during the physiological period?

“Temperature” and “peaceful” fruits can be eaten during menstruation. One type of fruit is “temperate”, such as lychee. Lychee fruit is crystal-clear, tastes sweet and sour, rich in vitamin C and protein, has complementary energy, enhances the body’s immune function, has always been regarded as a precious tonic. In addition to lychee, kumquat, pomegranate, bayberry, peach, cherry, tangerine, orange, plum, and papaya are all warm fruits.

You can also eat “peaceful” sex. Another temperament of fruit is “peace”, which is typically represented by apples. Apple-like flat acid, containing tannic acid and organic acids, pectin and fiber, and contains a large amount of nutrients such as cellulose, minerals, fat, sugar, carotene, potassium, zinc, etc., can stop diarrhea, Common constipation during menstruation is very effective. Fruits that are sexually flat include lemon, jujube, sour plum, longan, grape, fig, coconut, pineapple, and olive.

For “mild” and “peaceful” fruits, menstruating women can completely “close contact”, so that not only can add water, but also vitamins and minerals, relieve symptoms such as poor appetite, backache, fatigue and other symptoms.

Dates, apples and other fruits are rich in vitamin C, glucose that is easily absorbed by the human body, and rich in minerals such as calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, etc. Women can effectively synthesize and secrete a pain after eating the above fruits during menstruation. The substance is appropriate to alleviate the symptoms of dysmenorrhea in women.

Fruits that cannot be eaten during menstruation

Do not eat cold fruits. The typical representative of cold fruits is watermelon. Although watermelon contains a lot of water, a variety of amino acids and sugar, it has the effect of clearing heat and relieving heat and quenching thirst. However, watermelon is cold and slippery, also known as “cold melon”. Even normal people can not eat too much. Menstruating women should be more cautious. Eat it. The “companion” of watermelon is melon (melon), grapefruit, persimmon, kiwi, carambola, mulberry, banana, mango, pear, mandarin, mangosteen, strawberry and so on. For these cold fruits, all “red cards” are not appropriate, and proper eating has no major impact.

In addition, eggplant, loofah, cucumber, melon, crab, snail, kelp, bamboo shoots, etc., and sour food, such as sour plum, immature sour fruit, or some spicy food, such as fry, pepper, Pepper, mustard, etc., should also be avoided during the menstrual period, so as not to cause blood flow.

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