Where is the woman most eager to be kissed? Let your one know!

The lips are the secret “sexual weapons” of the human body. According to the report of the famous American male website “Ask him”, the hot lips brushed through every inch of the partner’s skin, which can pick up the deepest desire of the body. Especially for women, kissing the ears, the back neck and other parts are all wonderful and sexy.

Ears: There are many sexy bands on the female’s ears, but they are easily overlooked. Lips with a light earlobe or a Capricorn acupuncture will stimulate a wave of feelings higher than a wave.

Back neck: The easiest way to evoke women quickly and effectively is to kiss the woman’s back neck. Especially if you want to give her a surprise, hold her from behind, and then spread the kiss on her back neck. This will give women great dependence and satisfaction.

Cheeks and forehead: In the eyes of many men, kissing these two parts means relatives, warmth and tolerance, but nothing to do with sex. In fact, women’s sense of security often comes from inclusive and nuanced relatives. When your lips go down the forehead to the brow, the corners of the eyes and the tip of the nose, she will melt into your warmth.

Clavicle: The looming clavicle is a woman’s “sexy sign” and one of the exposed private parts, she will naturally be intoxicated in your kiss.

Buttocks: Women’s buttocks are far more sensitive than men. Close to the “sensitive zone”, whether it is kissing or touching the buttocks, it can arouse women’s desires.

Breasts: Touching the breasts blindly, it is inevitable that it is monotonous. And this is just one of the most sensitive parts of women. The more gentle, if there is no stimulation, the more it can evoke the reaction of women. Therefore, for many women who like long, meticulous sex, the stimulation of the lips on the breast is more attractive

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