As we approach the new moon in Aquarius on 27th July 2018, accompanied by the longest lunar eclipse of the 21st century, it struck me to share the rituals I do for the new and full moons each year. 

I get asked a lot how I check in with myself, what rituals I keep and this is one of them. I don’t often have time to do this for all of them but I always do my best to do as many as I can throughout the year. I’ll always do the first and last of the year as a way to acknowledge  how the year has passed, and to focus on the year moving forwards.

I use my full moon ritual as a way to check-in and re-connect with myself. Life can get really busy so by using a full or new moon as a guide, it gives me an evening to spend an hour on me, and just ME.  It keeps me focused and feeling in alignment. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for living in the now, but I do love to have goals; anything from health to personal and business. I tend to think around 6 months and a year ahead and then create daily or weekly actions that I know will help to get me there. These goals can be a mix of physical things to a feeling I want to embody. 

For example, in 2016 I knew I wanted to buy a bigger home and move out of London. I had the words ‘space’ and ‘stillness’ come up when meditating or when I would do my moon ritual. By May 2017, we had swapped our one-bed flat in London to a 4 bed town house in Ramsgate. I haven’t looked back!  The is just one of the many things I have called in during a moon ritual.  If I know there is something blocking me, I use my moon ritual to release it. For example, if I am procrastinating about a new work project due to fear, I kick fear to the curb through the ritual.

Whether you think it’s woohoo or are a hardcore moon lover, we’ve all felt the push / pull aspect of the moon. Those days where you just feel stuck, or days when you feel like a goddess. I hear you. If you’re new to this, I encourage you to explore doing a full moon ritual; what’s stopping you and what’s the harm? You might just learn something about yourself. You might just get to like it!



The moon isthe closest astronomical body to Earth and has a profound effect on us. The moon represents the feminine, emotional, creative and nurturing aspects of our lives so it’s the perfect time to check-in with these aspects of yourself.

One complete cycle of the moon takes exactly 28 days to complete, radiating her energy to us in cycles of waxing and waning, bringing in and releasing, ebbing and flowing.

A new moon symbolises a new cycle; an energy of new possibilities so it’s the perfect time to set intentions for what you want to bring into your life.

A full moon allows a power, amplification and creativity. It is the time to release anything that no longer serves you, things that you no longer wish for or need in life or anything you feel you may have outgrown. 


* Pen

* Paper

* Matches / lighter

* Candle

* Incense or Palo Santo

* Crystals (if you are this way inclined)


* Clear your space by using either palo Santo or incense – both known for their ‘cleansing’ properties.

* Create a space by shutting the door, turning the lights low, lighting a candle and clearing your thoughts from the day. Take a few deep breaths and RELAX.

* Grab your journal and a pen and give yourself some time to think about what’s within you right now. How are you feeling? Where do you feel stuck? Where do you feel free?

* Start by writing 10 things that make you a better person or has improved your life; anything that you are grateful for. It’s great to start with a gratitude list so that you can see all of the positive aspects of you and your life.

* Next, write down your visions. Are you trying for baby? Do you want a lead for a new career? A new partner? Then go deeper, how do you want to feel in life? Do you feel like you need more trust in yourself? Self-love or confidence? Write them down.

* Now start to write down what you would like to release. This can be anything from a negative emotion to being worried about money or feeling stressed. Maybe its fear, judgement or comparison? There is no rule on how many things to write down.

* Now, with your visions in mind, what would you like to call in? Get specific. If you are a new business, do you need 10 new clients to break even? Is there a money number you have as a target for the year? Is it a partner? Emotionally, is it more confidence or calmness? Or perhaps it is the space to breath or the space to find your creativity. Write it all down.

* Next, write down – if you were to achieve these visions – how you would feel. This is always the most important of the ritual; you have to FEEL into what you are asking for. Imagine you are already living it and embody that feeling every day!

* Finish with writing your word of the year (or the next period – personally mine is the same for the whole year). This isn’t a goal but instead a word that represents what you want to feel or embody for the time ahead.


Burn It

* I will often write down two sets of my moon ritual – one in my journal (I have a dedicated one for moon rituals) and one on paper. I then say out loud what I am releasing and calling in and then burn this paper outside in my garden repeating either ‘be gone’ or  ‘and so it is’ as its burns. This allows further releasing and by saying and so it is, it means that it’s out there and the universe can action.

Create Affirmations

* Based on what you have written to call in, you can create affirmations around this. For example if you wanted to call in strength, your affirmation would be ‘I am strong’, and so forth. Affirmations strengthen us by helping us to believe in the potential of an action that we desire to manifest. The brain doesn’t communicate in future or past-tense; everything happens in the moment. An affirmation works by touching on the subconscious brain to believe the intention to be true. In turn, you make a declaration to yourself and the universe of your intention and for it again, to be the truth. In essence, using affirmations can kick your creativity and manifesting ability into high gear.

Take a Salt Bath

* After writing your ritual, it can be nice to take a salt bath and repeat the things that you need to release into the water. Bathing in salt is a very powerful cleansing tool.

There are no hard rules about moon rituals. If even just for you, this is a beautiful way to process your feelings and goals. Explore and see what works for you.

Do write to me and let me know your stories around moon rituals.

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